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Using Implied Volatility To Generate Income

Do you dream of steady and profitable returns month after month? How about high percentage returns of over 70% without having to buy a single share of stock or options contract? If you raised your hand and said: sign me up I don’t blame you. After all, who doesn’t...

Selling Options To Boost Your Income

Have you ever found yourself saying: “I would love to own AAPL but it is far too expensive right now.” “I won’t buy stocks because I only buy things that are on sale.” “I want to buy $5,000 in stocks but I don’t have enough funds in my account.” Luckily there is a way...

Buying Insurance Really Does Pay Off

This is one of those times in trading where I am happy to not make money. You read that right, and yes, you are not going crazy. I am actually happy that I did not make money… And what a relief that is. Watching the guests on CNBC yelling about a market collapse just...

Buy, hold, and reap the benefits of cash flow to create consistent income month over month, year over year.

With a strategy as reliable as this, wealth is inevitable.

“Your system has elevated my trading career and gotten it off the ground. It is a very consistent, easy to understand strategy laid out well…and it works! Thanks!”

“I could never find a strategy that worked for me until I found yours. The system just made sense and the fact that it really can manage itself through all types of markets is awesome. Thanks for all your help and for putting this together!”
– PL

“The 15% rule is one of the easiest and best pieces of advice I have ever seen for defense. As you have said and I continue to see happen, it is amazing how the rule works out at exactly the time frame an amount we need almost every time. Thanks!”
– SK


What would your account look like if 90% of your trades were winners?


Make more money and spend less time doing it


Fractal Energy

Use my proprietary indicator to time your trades like a professional


Identify the “sucker bets”, and profit by taking the other side of the trade


Full exposure to the system that changes everything

“Learning to execute my Secret Sunday Strategy is the key. I lay out the whole gameplan for you, it only takes 10 minutes to put into play on Sunday night, and then your trading is set for the week!”

Dave Lukas

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