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Don’t Pick Stocks Out Of A Hat… Do This Instead

Sometimes when you can’t find a stock to trade you cycle through your usual suspects… And then you probably end up placing trades even if you don’t have an edge Unfortunately, that’s not trading… but instead gambling! So how do I make sure to stay away from gambling...

Get An Edge Using This Indicator

  It has been quite the month… markets have pulled back nearly 10% from their highs and now we are filled with growing uncertainty about what’s to come in the upcoming few months. And this is all happening when it felt like the market was walking on eggshells as...

Learn How To Leverage These Three Techniques For A Second Income

  Becoming a professional trader overnight is highly unlikely. It takes hard work, studying, trading, and practicing good risk management before you can get an edge to actually profit in the markets. But if you’re like me, you have very little time for your...

Buy, hold, and reap the benefits of cash flow to create consistent income month over month, year over year.

With a strategy as reliable as this, wealth is inevitable.

“Your system has elevated my trading career and gotten it off the ground. It is a very consistent, easy to understand strategy laid out well…and it works! Thanks!”

“I could never find a strategy that worked for me until I found yours. The system just made sense and the fact that it really can manage itself through all types of markets is awesome. Thanks for all your help and for putting this together!”
– PL

“The 15% rule is one of the easiest and best pieces of advice I have ever seen for defense. As you have said and I continue to see happen, it is amazing how the rule works out at exactly the time frame an amount we need almost every time. Thanks!”
– SK


What would your account look like if 90% of your trades were winners?


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Fractal Energy

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“Learning to execute my Secret Sunday Strategy is the key. I lay out the whole gameplan for you, it only takes 10 minutes to put into play on Sunday night, and then your trading is set for the week!”

Dave Lukas

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