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Welcome to the Options Profit Planner

by | Oct 14, 2019 | blogs, Editorial | 0 comments

Welcome to Options Profit Planner and thank you for joining me.

I’ve put together a special gift for you at the end of this message, so make sure you continue reading.  

Professional wealth builders don’t have time to watch each and every tick in the stock market… nor do I have the luxury of babysitting my portfolio.

When I’m not hopping from one city to the next conducting business … I’m spending quality time with my wife and daughter. So I needed to figure out a cash flow system that allowed me to trade and invest with the least amount of liability but still growing my account.

And that is exactly what we have developed here – an advantageous trading system for the Laissez Fair Professional. Earn while you live!

I’m amazed at how I have time to train for Ironman triathlons given my hectic schedule… let alone cram in time to research stocks, as well as manage and trade my portfolio.

But I’ve nailed it down to a science.

And if you have ten to fifteen minutes per day, I am going to teach you a powerful trading system that puts money in your pocket and shows you how to keep it.  

My companies have been featured on the INC 5000 on more than one occasion. I’ve devised a trading system that fits around my busy schedule and is inspired by building businesses and the real estate market.

Most people in my shoes wouldn’t even bother trading the stock market… it would just add more stress and worry to their lives.

They would rather drop their money off with a financial advisor, or stick to a “buy and hold” strategy… hoping it all works out.

The reality is… no one is going to care about your personal finances more than YOU… and unless you take responsibility then you will always be at the mercy of a financial advisor or the market.

Despite my time constraints and hectic schedule…I’ve accepted the challenge… and have total control of my portfolio—which is thriving by the way.

And do you know what else?

I dare you to find a more prepared trader than myself.

You see, I’ve developed a proven system for trading options, which brings back returns that would make almost any Wall Street fund manager jealous.

I am really excited to teach you more about my system and how it can help you make money in the stock market— even if you have limited funds and are short on time.

I believe in a rules-based approach to trading.

I trade options on stocks and ETFs.

To speed the process up, I use a stock filter, with a set of core metrics developed over a few years, which allows me to narrow down thousands of stocks to the few dozen that are the best trades at any given moment..

From that smaller selection of stocks, I have a very simple way to study price charts and compare them alongside my trusted indicators—including a proprietary signal that detects “fractal energy.”

It allows me to get a strong sense of how the market is feeling at all points in time. My fractal energy indicator will tell me when stocks are overbought or oversold, trending or range-bound…

It’s one of its kind… and sure to be a game-changer for you too after you learn more about it.

But for now…

Just know that… I chart price action and a few simple indicators to narrow down my stock universe.

I use them to gauge areas of support, resistance, sentiment, and price movement.  

I can use my system to predict and take advantage of stock movement based on energy trends, but where I really like to use it is the options market…  

I believe in stacking the odds in your favor

A stock can move up, down, or trade sideways. When you buy a stock there is only one way in which you can profit… from the stock price rising.

However, I’ve discovered with options, you can dramatically shift the odds in your favor.

The option strategies I trade bring in cash flow.  

I’ll teach you how to profitably trade naked puts, covered calls, credit spreads, and some of my other favorite strategies for delivering a steady income flow from the stock market.

And while I might be new at Raging Bull, I’m not new to trading.  I’ve been doing this for over 15 years and the feedback I’ve received thus far has been overwhelming…

Thank you, Dave. My husband and I are in your subscription service. We love watching your teaching sessions every week. ~ Beth L.

I want to praise and to thank Dave Lukas.  He is a great teacher.  I really like his strategy and look forward to trading with Dave for years into the future.  Thanks for bringing David to the Raging Bull team!

– Mike R.

My options trading style is inspired by my experience building business systems and the real estate market.

Options are leveraged investment vehicles… and so are businesses and real estate.

For example, with real estate you don’t have to fully pay for a property for it generate income, a down payment will suffice.

And like the real estate market, my options strategies are geared towards collecting cash flow.  

Sure, the stock market is unpredictable at times.

But as traders, we can create risk-reward trades that give us an almost unfair advantage. 

Moreover, when I place a bullish options trade on, I give myself multiple ways to win:

  • If the stock trades range-bound
  • Because time decay eats away at options
  • If the implied volatility contracts
  • If the stock trades higher  

And while it might sound complicated at first, I can assure you, it will become second nature.

Before you know it, you’ll be an “options cash cow” … wheeling and dealing on your smartphone.

Heck, that’s how I place all my trades… given my hectic schedule.

You’re only as good as your trading plan…

When it comes to my trading I leaving nothing to chance.

The way I setup executing my orders is always the same… good till cancel… On Sunday!

Now, if that went over your head…that’s okay.

A good till cancel order is an order that floats out during market hours and can be canceled at any time.

The beauty behind this order type is—I just place it once and if it doesn’t get filled that day, it reopens for next.

So I’ll place my orders on Sunday, at a price I want to get filled at…come Monday morning when the market opens…my orders become live…and I’ll get executed at my limit price (or wait another day, the order stays open until I decide to cancel it).

A good till cancel order allows me to trade what I want when I want, and at the price I want.

But it also offers a hidden benefit…

It puts a freeze on bad trading habits.  

I’m talking about account killers like decision fatigue, overtrading, lack of discipline, emotional trading (fear and greed).

Nearly all my trades are “set it and forget it.”

Each trade I place is executed with supreme confidence…  

But no one has a crystal ball

And the knock on most traders who sell premium is— they are just one black swan event away from getting wiped out.

Which is true for some, especially the ones who have super-sized leverage.

But you know what?

Part of my strategy, and what makes it unique, is that I use a portion of the income collected from selling the option premium and I go out and “buy protection.”

That’s just another wrinkle to the game and my system that I’m excited to open your eyes to.

I’m glad you’re here, because in the coming days, I’ll be sharing with you my insights on the stock market, trade setups I like, tips on how to overcome mental obstacles, case studies, and so much more.

And as a special thank you, I want to share this exclusive training with you. It’s the perfect introduction to what I’m going to be teaching you throughout this e-letter, it’s what I call:

The Simple Cash Flow Options System. In this special training, I reveal my top lessons on becoming a successful trader, how my system works, why it works, and how simple it is to get started with it.

Click here to watch it now.

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